Sun parasols Sun parasol

Sun parasol and Garden parasol

A sun parasol adds something extra to a garden patio set along with providing important shade from the sun. Sun parasols some in many different designs and are available to suit all tastes and needs. Don't be restricted by your patio table, with a cantilever sun parasol you can place the sun parasol away from the seating area and still benefit from the shade it provides.

Make sure when buying a sun parasol you work out how large you need it to be. If you have a large patio table, or regularly seat many people then you should look towards the larger sun garden parasols to ensure it provides sufficient shade and cover.

The types of sun parasol

The type of sun parasol you choose is very much down to personal taste and also the amount of space you have available. Sun parasols are available in quite large sizes, perfect if you need to fit family and friends underneath. Don't forget to buy a sturdy and secure base for your parasol, when a strong gust of wind comes you need to be happy that the sun parasol stays in place.

You can now buy cantilever sun parasols that are either free standing or some will attach to your house. These sun parasols have the advantage of saving space on the ground. If you wish, a sun parasol can even have built in lights for those summer evenings and a few have a radio built in!